Solar Chaos in depth by Pixel Empire UK

This week Pixel Empire UK an Indie Game Blog, wrote an in depth review about Solar Chaos.

This review had a deeper look at what makes Solar Chaos uniquely different in Tower Defense and other mobile games in general.

“Solar Chaos is an interesting take on the tower defense genre, now though we call it TD (Tower Defense) its not really what you would think. There are no towers involved, but there are plenty of defenses. Instead of towers you use different type of asteroids placed in orbital pathways, these work to smash into your target that come in from all direction of the screen. We only called it tower defense for simplicity sake.” – Pixel Empire UK

Few reviews attempt to explain the depth of Solar Chaos’s orbital mechanic. Pixel Empire did their best to explain the game’s mechanics and originality without the need for video footage.

“We keep going on about this tower defense thing, but it is important because Solar Chaos is truly a unique take on its genre. I spent about 4-5 hours playing it so far and the only thing that resembled a tower is a stationary asteroid deck with a building on it. It’s really difficult to explain so take a look at the pictures below for an idea.” – PixelEmpireUK


“The idea here is the asteroids will spin in orbit of the sun thus smashing into enemies as they pass too close to it.  We personally feel its a very fun idea that hasn’t been executed in any other games like it.” – Pixel Empire UK

We would like to thank Pixel Empire for their effort in breaking down what makes Solar Chaos a refreshing change from the average game.

Stay tuned for our very first official Mobile Trailer of Solar Chaos.

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